Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Ten Thousand, One Million"

Kurt Carr writes some of the BEST gospel songs. The man can write some POWERFUL song lyrics.
This morning I listened to his song called "Ten Thousand, One Million". I suggest you go find it right now and listen to it!

The lyrics are amazing. Look at these:
"Ten thousand sacred anthems
One million sincere praises
Can not proclaim how worthy Jesus is to me"

(Reminds me of the old song "You Don't Know Like I Know")

The thought is simple. No one can praise God like you can!

"No one can ever sing your praise for me
They don't know what you've done for me"

God created you unique. There's only one you. We say it a lot, but do we really understand?
He doesn't want mimicked praise or worship. He was the unique praise that can only come from the unique you.

These are my favorite lyrics in the song:
"Ten thousand saints crossed over, One million prostrate angels
They can't cry holy, holy, holy, Lord for me"

Jesus has endless amounts of praise from angels ... saints in Heaven ... creation itself.
But one million angels' praise cannot compare to one human soul choosing to worship Him.

God wants YOUR praise. God wants YOUR worship. God wants YOU.
You're special to Him. And nothing and no one can praise God for you!

Until next time,

Revelation 16:4 (MSG)
Then I heard the sound of massed choirs, the sound of a mighty cataract, the sound of strong thunder: Hallelujah! The Master reigns, our God, the Sovereign-Strong!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Me, the New Blogger!

What up people! Oh my gosh, my first blog post! :)
With all the crazy stuff that goes on in my head, I might as well write it (or type it, in this case) all down! That way when I'm 80 and senile, I can look back at my life as a young man ... and probably think "Boy, I sure was dumb".

Hmm...what's the topic of my first post?

Lately, I've been feeling like I'm running around like a headless chicken. Yet, nothing's getting accomplished. I'm talking about literally. But inside I feel like I go through the daily routine of: Wake up, shower, dress, eat, school/work/church, eat, come home, sleep, repeat.
This gets pretty old after a while. Not my life, 'cause I LOVE my life. But the routine.

So I do I go through this routine without it FEELING so repetitive.

The answer is: Enjoy every minute. Find something NEW today. Do something out of the ordinary. Do something random. Sing a song. Scream. Dance. Pray (woah, there's a shock).
Trust will help.

I know it seems like the wheels are turning in mud, but I'll look back and say "Wow, how did I get here? I didn't know I was going anywhere".

So here I am. Enjoying my day. My life.

Until next time,

Psalm 118:24 - This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.

(P.S. - The picture you see is a random picture that I took of a really cool tree.)
(P.S.S. - Happy 21st Birthday, Sis!)